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Answers to all your burning questions.



How can I contact you?

For new clients, please use our Contact page rather than email so we can best process your inquiries.

For existing clients: We encourage our team and clients to value personal time and boundaries. Our office hours are currently 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Thursday. We appreciate all client communications to be made via email or by-appointment phone call. While we say there are no design emergencies, we know there is time-sensitivity in some instances. If you need to reach us for such an issue, please note the urgency in the subject line of an email as well as with a call and/or voice message. We will respond at our earliest convenience.

We do not encourage the use of text messages between clients and staff, especially for project details.

What is your hourly rate?

Our current Fee Schedule is:

  • Principal: $200 per hour

  • Junior Designer: $155 per hour

  • Administrative: $115 per hour

Every project and client is unique, so we structure our pricing based on the scope of work. Before our work together begins, we give you an estimate of the hours it will require. It is always our goal to stay within that range, but that isn't always possible. In any event, our approximation should give you an idea of what to expect and we will offer frequent updates on the total hours as the project progresses.

Our fees and policies are based on historical time billing data and project experience. We strive for a streamlined and communicative process that provides a sure pathway for clients and our team to navigate your project without surprises along the way.

What is your billing schedule?

After accepting our estimate and signing contracts, we collect a retainer as noted in the estimated proposal. The rest of the fee is divided into installments to be paid monthly. Expenses and approved services outside of original scope are billed monthly.

Invoices are sent the first of each month. We accept payment by credit card, ACH transfer, or personal check.

Can I purchase items on my own?

Yes and no.

Years of experience have shown it is clear that having the designer procuring items makes the project go smoothly. Having control over all items sourced and presented allows communication, delivery, and quality control be retained in a proper order to negate a variety of issues.

Please also note that our business model relies on the profits from procured items to support our ethos and operations, including continued education, benefits, and supporting non-profits.

If you would like to purchase something outside of the selections presented, please contact your designer as soon as possible, as it could change the course or raise an issue of the design and process.

What is your purchasing process?

Purchasing: Per your design plan and furnishing selections are approved, we will send a separate invoice for furniture and begin the ordering process. These invoices will be itemized so that you know the cost of each item. Once your furnishing invoice is paid in full, we'll begin the ordering process. 


Invoices must be paid in full before ordering begins.


Shipping & Receiving: As a General Habitat client, you will have access to custom furnishings and special pricing. We do charge a fee for the items that we order for you to cover shipping costs and the receiving warehouse - currently 20% of the furnishings or fixtures total. We have all of your items shipped to our preferred receiving warehouse, where they do the work of unboxing, inspecting, assembling, and delivery on install day. This is incredibly important in keeping the design process running smoothly and efficiently to ensure that your new furnishings are exactly what you wanted.

Installation: For installation, we charge a per-day fee that includes the entire team. We bring all hands on deck to place, style, and perfect every single detail to give you a truly turn-key experience. When we're done, we welcome you home to a refined and inviting space that is ready for living. Current fees start at $1500 but a custom quote will be provided, pending your project scope.

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